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Facebook Marvel: Avengers Alliance Character Pro's and Con's

Facebook Marvel: Avengers Alliance Characters

Free and Special Operation Heroes

Black Widow
Class: Infiltrator (Original/Uniform: 32CP), Tactician (Uniform: 32CP)
Limited Time Movie Uniform: Tactician: 35CP, Infiltrator: 28CP

Pro:Her second skill can weaken your opponents attack, her third skill can remove all of your opponents beneficial status effects minus the shield but includes Hulk-Up of Hulk and Momentum of Juggernaut. Her last skill places Mark for Revenge status on any enemy that attacks her (single or attack-all) which increases her damage on that enemy. You need to deploy her in Chapter 6: Mission 3 if you want to fight Dr.Octopus (epic boss).

Con: Weak attacks, low defense and low health which means she can die very easily.

Class: Tactician (Original/Uniform: 27CP) , Blaster (Uniform: 42CP)
Limited Time Movie Uniform: Tactician: 30CP, Infiltrator: 38CP

Pro: His fourth skill can be very useful for your low accuracy heroes, it can also cause all of his attacks on that target to be a critical hit. His third skill can stun opponents. Has high accuracy and evasion. Because of his passive skill he will never miss unless the opponent have a status effect of Storm's Protective Shroud or Digital Decoy.

Con: Low attack and defense.

Class: Blaster (Original/Uniform: 45CP), Tactician (Uniform: 60CP)
Limited Time Movie Uniform: Tactician: 66CP, Blaster: 50CP

Pro: His attacks are strong especially his last skill that have a deadly crit status and also increases it's damage as you use it repeatedly on the same opponent. His third skill protects him from certain amount of damage and stun effects. Since you will get him for free, you automatically unlock Chapter 2 Premium Mission. His Mach 5 alternate uniform instantly grants him a shield and will also regenerate his stamina for three rounds and as long as the shield was intact

Con: Has low stamina and evasion.

Class: Generalist (at the start)

Pro: High Accuracy, Evasion and Stamina. Her passive ability can make her change to the counterclass of anyone who attacked her. Her third skill can't trigger counter and guard status, it also doesn't consume a turn and makes the next target on all enemy a guaranteed hit and a critical, she will also get an extra turn instantly if she changed class after you used it. Her first skill will add a combo setup and her third will add a dizzy status on your enemy. Her last skill deals extra damage on a target with almost all of the negative status in the game (Bleeding, Burning, Chilled, Combo Setup, Dizzy, Exposed, Poisoned, Slowed and Stun)

Con: Low health and defense, her passive ability was a double-edge sword.

15 Command Points Heroes

Class: Tactician
Pro: His attacks are strong and his second skill can guarantee a critical hit for your next attack on that target. His third skill can increase ally's evasion as well as giving him Combat Expertise status for one turn which makes him counters any opponent that attacked him (single or attack all).

Con: His attacks cost huge amounts of stamina coupled with his low stamina, you will be recharging a lot in long battles.

Invisible Woman
Class: Infiltrator

Pro: Her attacks can't trigger any counterattacks, she can hit anyone with her first skill even if one of your opponent is on guard status. She can shield comrades for moderate amount of damage. Her fourth skill have a deadly crit status which makes it deadly aside from it being an attack all technique. Her second skill gives her high chance to dodge single target attacks, it also increases her accuracy for 2 turns.

Con: Her shield can be taken down easily and she has very low defense. The effect of her second skill goes away once she was hit by your opponents attack or if she attacks.

Iron Fist
Class: Scrapper

Pro: His first and second skill combination is devastating and can easily knock off huge amounts of health, the combination paired with his last skill can boost it's damage even more. His third skill can heals huge amount of health for one ally.

Con: Low defense, takes time to build up great damage output using his fourth skill.

Class: Blaster (Original/Uniform: 30CP), Bruiser (Uniform: 42CP)

Pro: Has high attack stat and her skills have a high damage output. Her last skill can greatly increase the strength of her offensive skills and it can also protect her from energy attacks. Her second skill grants her two turns after one round. She can be very durable in PVP.

Con: She has low evasion,stamina and accuracy, her second skill effect will not be activated on an extra turn

Class: Bruiser

Pro: Skills have great damage output, her second skill grants her two turns on the same turn that you activate it. Her third skill (which can inflict stun) combined with her last skill (which exploits stun) can be a very deadly combination.

Con: Most of her attacks have low hit chance which makes her miss often, she also have low accuracy and evasion.

23 Command Points Heroes

Black Cat
Class: Infiltrator

Pro: She can deal a decent amount of damage provided her third skill is used before she attacks. Her first skill causes a Bleed effect and her second skill inflicts Unlucky status which can be very useful because it can lower the accuracy and evasion of your opponent. Her last skill have a deadly crit and exploit bleed status which can be very deadly on a bleeding opponent. She have a high accuracy and evasion. You need to deploy her in Chapter 2: Mission 3 if you want to fight Elecktra (epic boss).

Con: Initially has low damage output unless her third skill is used. You can't use her third skill on her first round. Has low health.

Class: Bruiser(Original/Uniform: 32CP), Scrapper (Uniform: 42CP)

Pro: Great health and defense coupled with his second skill makes him the best tanker/protector on your team. His first skill inflicts Exposed status (which can lower your opponents defense) and his third skill (which exploits Exposed), is a good attack combination. His last skill was an attack all and can lower the evasion of your opponents. His passive skill makes him immune to bleed. His new uniform grants a passive skill that lets him protects allies from single target attacks for the first three turns.

Con: Has low accuracy and evasion. His new uniform passive skill makes him get a reduce damage but because of the high number of ignore defense equipment in the game right now, he will die very easily even if he have high health.

Class: Blaster

Pro: Has high attack and accuracy stats. His first attack has strong damage. His second skill can heal certain amounts of health to the whole team overtime. His third skill inflicts Dark Void (which can damage over time) to all enemies. He unlocks Chapter 9 Premium Mission.

Con: He has weak defense, low health and low evasion.

Luke Cage
Class: Scrapper

Pro: He has very damaging attacks and has high defense. His first skill puts In Your Face status on an opponent which makes him counterattack for two turns if he was attacked by that opponent. His third skill exploits Combo Setup and also includes high critical chance as well as Deadly Crit status. His fourth skill can protect his allies from single target attacks for four turns. His passive skill makes him immune to bleed . He unlocks Chapter 10 Premium Mission.

Con: Has low evasion. You will need someone in your team to inflict Combo Setup in order for his third skill to deal a huge amount of damage.

Class: Scrapper(Original/Uniform: 42CP), Bruiser (Uniform: 32CP)

Pro: All of her attacks are strong and can inflict negative status/es on your opponent. Her third skill increases ally's defense and makes her next attack a guaranteed critical hit which makes her second skill surely deals more damage because of it's deadly crit status. Her passive skill makes her immune to burning, chilled, poison and radiation. Her alternate uniform will make her deal a critical hit for three turns.

Con: She has low evasion.

Default 33 Command Points Heroes

Human Torch
Class: Blaster

Pro: His second skill can automatically inflict a burn status on your opponent which makes his first skill much more damaging with it's Deadly Crit status and can also exploits Burn. His third skill can make him regenerate not just his health but also his stamina and it also removes any chilled status inflicted. His passive skill makes him immune to burn and to most ground attacks. He unlocks Chapter 7 Premium Mission.

Con: His last skill can damage even his allies, he is vulnerable to water and ice.

Kitty Pride
Class: Infiltrator (Original/Uniform: 32CP), Scrapper (Uniform: 45CP)

Pro: Her first skill and her last skill can't trigger a counter and she can attack anyone using it even if one of your opponent is on guard status. Her first and second skill combination is devastating of she have a Phase status which can also make her evade any attack. She have a passive skill that can make her use Call Lockheed as a counter if she was attacked. Her alternate uniform instantly grants her Phase status when the battle starts and she will counter any attacks that hit her.

Con: Her Phase status lasts for three turns but will be gone once she attacks (counter doesn't count now) and also has a one normal turn cool-down (extra turn doesn't count) and with her low health, she can die very easily. She also burns a lot of stamina on her attacks making you recharge often on long battles. Her passive skill doesn't always activate when she was attacked.

Class: Tactician

Pro: His last skill can't trigger a counter and can be used to attack anyone even if one of your opponent is on guard status, it can also take down the health of anyone you used it by a fraction of it's remaining health, it's damage decreases on bosses and other players, plus it restores a certain amount of stamina on all his allies. His second skill can inflict a combo setup that can make his first skill deal extra damage. His first skill also decreases accuracy on the opponent. He also has high defense and accuracy. He might unlock the premium mission of chapter 11 premium (as shown before).

Con: Has low health and attack... His last skill has reduced effect for PVP and bosses. His third skill deals low damage unless its a critical hit.

Spider Woman
Class: Scrapper

Pro: A great support character. Her first skill was very damaging because of it's high critical chance. Her third skill can make her counter with her second skill which inflicts Biofeedback status on her opponent. Her last skill are useful because she can lower your opponents attack/accuracy/evasion for three turns.

Con: She has low defense, evasion and stamina.

Class: Bruiser

Pro: Has high defense and skills have strong damage output. He has the guard skill which protects his allies from single target attacks and his third skill can also stun opponents. His first skill will get an increase in damage if the enemy have a slow status which they can get from his second skill. He have a passive skill that prevent him from being inflicted with Bleed status.

Con: Has low accuracy.

48 Command Points Heroes

Class: Scrapper

Pro: He has very high evasion, coupled with his second skilll, makes him almost always dodge single target attacks or even an attack all attacks. It also increases his accuracy which makes him never miss his targets and also makes him counterattack from any attacks that your opponents throw at him. His passive skill can make him hit your opponent even if they are under the effects of Digital Decoy, Storm's Protective Shroud or Invisible Woman's Invisibility. His three attacks can also cause negative status.

Con: His attacks will burn a lot of stamina, making you recharge often on long battles.

Class: Infiltrator

Pro: All his attacks can't trigger any counter and he can attack anyone else even though one of your opponent is on guard status. His second skill will make him dodge for up-to 2 attacks. His last skill adds a follow-up attack using Ambush to all opponent that have the Dizzy status that his first skill can inflict.

Con: Has low attack,defense and health.

Class: Blaster (Original/Uniform: 32CP), Infiltrator (Uniform: 45CP)

Pro: Attacks are great and her second skill can stun an opponent. Her third skill boost the accuracy of all allies and grants them Mind Link which will make whoever hero you click to activate it protects your allies from one single target attack. Her last skill inflicts Burned status to all opponents as well as removes all the helpful statuses from them, it can also remove all the harmful statuses from her allies. She unlocks Chapter 6 Premium Mission.

Con: Her defense and health are very low. She also has low stamina.. You have to wait three rounds before you can use her last skill. The protect of her third skill only last for one turn, means if that hero gets another turn before an opponent attack, the status will be gone. Her last skill will drain her of all her remaining stamina after you used it.

Class: Blaster (Original/Uniform: 32CP), Tactician (Uniform: 45CP)

Pro: Her second skill is a great evasion skill for all allies making them evade often on single target attacks and also protects them from her third skill and it's Chilled status. Her first skill can inflict a Static Charge which can chain nearby targets that have the same negative status. Her last skill can be damaging if your opponents have the negative statuses from her first and third skill. You need to deploy her in Chapter 4: Mission 4 if you want to fight Magneto (epic boss).

Con: Has low defense, health and stamina. Takes a lot of turns to build up her damage output.

War Machine
Class: Tactician

Pro: Have high attack skills and his fourth skill can recharge all his stamina and increases his attacks for one turn. His first skill have an ignore defense status which will be a great help for opponents with high defense. He unlocks Chapter 5 Premium Mission.

Con: He has low accuracy and evasion. You have to wait for 2 rounds before you can use his third skill and 3 rounds for his fourth skill. After the turn that you activated his last skill he will loss all of his remaining stamina.

130 or 90 Command Points Heroes

Black Panther
Class: Tactician

Pro: High Stamina and Evasion, his passive skill makes him have a chance to get half damage and cause Dizzy to the attacker. He's another combination hero, means he grows stronger as you use his skill. His first skill will make him get an increase in accuracy and it have an ignore defense status and causes Bleed while his second skill will make him get an increase in evasion and also exploit Bleed Status. His third skill will add follow up attacks if he have the status of his first skill and adds a counter attack from single target attacks if he have the status of his second skill also add a buff that increases Attack and Defense. Last but not the least... his last skill will remove beneficial status from the target as well as cause a stun on Mechanical Target.

Con: Low Attack and Defense.

Captain America
Class: Tactician (Original/Uniform: 34CP), Bruiser (Uniform: 48CP)
Limited Time Movie Uniform: Tactician: 34CP, Bruiser: 48CP

Pro: All around balanced stats (like a generalist). His passive skill makes him almost always makes a first turn and once he attacks he give all his allies Inspiring Leadership which increases the stats (all except for health and stamina) of all allies. His fourth skill is a very good guard skill since he guards his allies from any attacks and counterattacks that opponent. His first skill can lower your opponent's accuracy, the second one can make the next attack deals more damage on that opponent and his third skill will make all your opponents get an increase damage from ranged attacks. He might open Chapter 12 premium (as shown before).

Con: All his skills have only 1 hit beside from his third skill, which make him miss if your opponent have the status effect of Storm's Shroud or Digital Decoy. If another Captain America attacks first and gives your opponent the Inspiring Leadership buff, your Captain America will not give you the buff.

Class: Bruiser (Original/Uniform: 63CP), Scrapper (Uniform: 74CP)
Limited Time Movie Uniform: Scrapper: 74CP, Bruiser: 63CP

Pro: Has high attack and defense stats. He gains Hulk-Up everytime he attacks with his first skill or after an opponent attacks him. One Hulk-Up will increase the damage of his other three skills as well as his accuracy. His third and last attacks can add negative statuses on your opponents. He unlocks Chapter 1 Premium Mission.

Con: Has low accuracy and evasion.

Scarlet Witch
Class: Blaster

Pro: High Stamina/Attack/Accuracy and her passive skill can make her have a chance to evade an attack. She was a great character for buffs and debuffs, but was also a luck based heroine. Her first skill was an attack all and can make your opponents attack backfired. Her second skill will consumes the effect of her first but leaves your opponent to loss health over time. Her third skill will make your opponents attack to heal you and will also makes your debuffs a buff (example: making a poison technique a regeneration, making you regain your health rather than makes you loss your health) but the skill have a chance for not working. Her last skill will put a random buffs on all her allies and will also put a random debuffs on all enemies.

Con: Low Defense and Evasion making her die easilly and with her luck based skill... you might win or loss a battle depends on your luck. Also the effect of his third skill was one time only, you will get a damage the next hit that you get after your opponent healed you

Class: Infiltrator (Original/Uniform: 63CP), Bruiser (Uniform: 74CP)

Pro: His Great Responsibility passive skill is very useful and can also protect you from an attack that can hit all targets. His high evasion (which can also be increased with his second skill) can make him dodge almost all of the attacks you throw at him. His first skill inflicts Webbed (which decreases an opponents attack and defense) while his third skill which exploits Webbed and can surely hit that target with a critical. He unlocks Chapter 3 Premium Mission and you also need to deploy him in Chapter 3: Mission 5 if you want to fight Dr. Doom (epic boss).

Con: He has a low defense and attack stat. His Great Responsibility passive skill was not always activated when your opponent attacks and once his Great Reponsibility turns into Great Power (which can only be activated when he was attacked) he can't protect you anymore.

Class: Bruiser (Original/Uniform: 51CP), Blaster (Uniform: 66CP)
Limited Time Movie Uniform: Blaster: 70CP, Bruiser: 51CP

Pro: His second and third skill will put Might of Mjolnir on him which can be stocked for up to two times and also increases the attack and accuracy of his first and last skill. His third skill will also increases the attack stat of all allies. His passive skill makes him immune to burning, chilled, poison and radiation. He unlocks Chapter 8 Premium Mission. His Modern Armor uniform instantly grants him 2 Might of Mjolnir when the battle starts.

Con: Has low accuracy,stamina and evasion.

Class: Scrapper (Original/Uniform: 45CP), Infiltrator (Uniform: 60CP)

Pro: He can regenerate a certain amount of health every turn due to his passive ability, add that with his last skill... he can be hard to beat since he can regenerate large amounts of health, also his last skill will remove and prevent bleed and poison on him. His first attack instantly inflicts two Bleed statuses and coupled with Ravage status from his third skill, the bleed will take out hundreds of health per bleed. His second skill can be deadly because of it's high critical chance. He unlocks Chapter 4 Premium Mission and you need to deploy him in Chapter 5: Mission 3 if you want to fight Loki (epic boss).

Con: Has low evasion.

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