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Facebook Superhero City Hints and Tips

Superhero City is a game that currently can only be played on FACEBOOK

Released on June 16th, 2009 and created by Klicknation . Superhero City is the first role playing game - within a social network - to feature an animated battle system (Mortal Kombat style). The arena supports over 100 unique animations and uses an odometer to display dynamically generated attack and defense values. This is Klicknation's first game.

* Playing this game gives you the opportunity to create and customize an avatar.
* Battle other heroes and big boss characters complete with animations.
* Complete varied missions.
* Travel the world.
* The world needs a hero!
* The world needs you!
Play Superhero City

Hints and Tips for fast leveling in Superhero City

1) Get more friends on your SHC team. Join pages like Superhero City and Superhero City Pimping Page.

This will give you higher stats and more gifts to use to level up.

2) Get 50 experience per 1 stamina, just attack players that are 7-8 levels higher than your character for lower levels and 5-6 levels for higher levels.

Also consider the number of team members. If you have 50 team members then attack players with 25 members or below. The lower the better.

3) Get a good career. If you failed a mission then getting a higher paying career is the only way to go, this way you can buy stronger abilities.

4) Sure banking your money is good but if your a lower level player then its much better if you use the money to buy equipments and abilities before considering to bank it. Also consider buying items with agility.

5) Buy abilities with no upkeep but don't max it. If you have 100 team members, buy 80-90 of the best ability with no upkeep then buy 10-20 of the strongest available ability.

This will help you win mission than require a certain number of members.

6) Agility is for Arena and Strength is for Raid. Energy is only good for players with few friends because if you have lots of friends, you can just use gift items to refill your energy.

So basically if you have lots of friends then go for agility and strength.

7) Always help on missions whenever you can.

8) Complete all missions on a city first before moving to the next one.

9) Buy tickets for the Merit Point Raffle, you might win 500 merit points.

10) And lastly, be ACTIVE. Check the game everyday if you can so not to miss free tokens and offers that might show up.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Farmville Cheats - What 99% of Farmville Players Don't Know About the Game -

Farmville, since its release in June 2009 has been a hit to everyone - young and adult alike. The game is simply addicting! I assume this is the very reason why you are now here on this page hoping to find

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THQ "doesn't care" that its one-use code for online play in Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 might upset its consumers. The publisher is waging war against the used games market, and if customers get pissed off, well boo hoo to

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ching's hat trick helps Dynamo snap 10-game skid - Seattle Post Intelligencer

Houston, TX (Sports Network) - Brian Ching scored a hat trick and the Houston Dynamo edged the Chicago Fire in a seven-goal thriller Saturday night, 4-3, at Robertson Stadium to snap a 10-game winless skid in

Ching, con un 'hat trick', dio vida al Dynamo y fue el Jugador de la Semana - Hartford Courant
Redacción EE.UU., 23 ago (EFE).- Doble triunfo para el delanterointernacional Brian Ching que con inspiración goleadora permitió alDynamo de Houston romper racha perdedora y también conseguir elpremio de

Two hat tricks help Albion tip the scales against Bellevue 8-3 -
Albion offense forced two hat tricks in an 8-3 soccer victory over Bellevue High School Monday. “For the temperature, as hot and dry as it was, to put such a good effort in says a lot for this team,” Albion coach

Shaun White talks skateboarding, evil ministries, and his new video game -
Robyn Beck/Getty Images "Shaun White Skateboarding" ships to stores September 28 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii. Shaun White says his dream was always to be a professional snowboarder and skateboarder. So it

Dallas Cowboys offense struggles against Houston in preseason game - Tulsa World
HOUSTON - And for the Dallas Cowboys' next major trick, they will open the regular season and try to make a Super Bowl title run after showing nothing in the preseason. At least that's what the Cowboys would

Roger Federer Consults Experts to Improve Game -
Roger Federer. We all know him as a tennis legend. An exemplary sportsman. Sublime talent on the courts. By all accounts a great guy, a good husband and father. Widely acknowledged as the greatest tennis player of all

Ravens reach into their bag of tricks - Delaware Wave
LANDOVER, Md. -- Nothing livens up a preseason game like a fake punt, especially if it works. Baltimore Ravens third-year safety Haruki Nakamura took a direct snap on fourth-and-6 and juked his way 51 yards

Houston 4 - 3 Chicago - ESPN Soccernet
HOUSTON (AP) -- Brian Ching scored the last of his three goals in the 85th minute to help the Houston Dynamo win for the first time in 11 games with a 4-3 win over the Chicago Fire on Saturday night. After

ELSBERRY No matter what Edsall says, Michigan game a big deal - Stamford Advocate
STORRS -- Randy Edsall would like you to believe that UConn's opening football game of the 2010 season this Saturday is just another game. Just one of 12 over the next four months, nothing more, nothing less. The fact

Facebook’s ‘Car Town’ Reaps Honda Ad Spending in Shift to Games - BusinessWeek

Aug. 23 (Bloomberg -- Honda Motor Corp.’s campaign for its new CR-Z car features the hybrid vehicle in some colorful roadside billboards that can’t be seen from a freeway. The ads are on display in Facebook Inc.’s

Watch Oakland Athletics vs Cleveland Indians Game Live online - Mynews India
Over the years, Oakland Athletics vs Cleveland Indians fans all over the world have turn out to be accustomed to viewing Oakland Athletics vs Cleveland Indians around the classic television or even, believe it or not

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Jets making nearly 2,000 upper-bowl seats at New Meadowlands Stadium available online - Republic
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — The New York Jets are selling individual game tickets online Tuesday for less than 2,000 remaining upper-bowl seats in their $1.6 billion New Meadowlands Stadium. The roughly 16,000

Marta and FC Gold Pride secure WPS Championship appearance with four games to spare - Potomac Soccer Wire
The San Francisco Bay Area’s FC Gold Pride clinched the WPS Regular Season title Sunday evening with a 3-2 victory over the Chicago Red Stars in front of 6,089 fans at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Ill. As the winners of

Sony Looking at Online Pass for their Games - PlayStation LifeStyle
Whether you love it or loath it, it’s certainly hard to deny that the used game market is a huge money maker for retailers. The problem is though that none of this money makes its way back to the publishers

Advertisers turn to online games to reach new audiences - Austin American-Statesman
Honda Motor Corp.'s campaign for its new CR-Z car features the hybrid vehicle in some colorful roadside billboards that can't be seen from a freeway. The ads are on display now in Facebook Inc.'s virtual game "Car Town

20% of U.S. playing social games online - Detroit Free Press
Sorry, Facebook fans. It looks like FarmVille isn't going away anytime soon. A new study out by leading market research company NPD Group reports that more than 56.8 million Americans have played a game on a

Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Live Live Stream Online T - Salon
Watch Now Live TV Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Live online.Watch Now Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Live live TV.Watch Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Live live TV online.Singapore 2010 Youth

Watch St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Pirates Game Online Live - Mynews India
Did you know you will find services that let you to observe St. Louis Cardinals vs Pittsburgh Pirates online? It's being carried out all the time now having a service that is certainly obtainable that permits you to

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Piaip's Restaurant City Hack v.20100620

June 20, 2010 working hack for Restaurant City


1. Download hack here
2. Open your Restaurant City
3. Open Piaip's RC Hack
4. Choose the browser your using from the list and the cheats you want to work
5. Hit patch and your done

Thanks Piaip for the hack!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pet Forest Online


Pet Forest, the land that was once beloved by ancient deities, had been suffering from wars and turmoil for the past hundred years, Constant battles gradually took away people's faith; rumors about the true sacred land thus began to spread.

Church Elder Narffileis claimed that once righteous heroes would rise and establish contact with the four Divine Beasts, a gate leading to the sacred land shall be unsealed for the people of PetForest. Through the power of four Divine Beasts, the paradise.

Conjoined by the determination to save residents of PetForest, four heroes set out for the unknown journey, seeking for the mythical Divine Beasts.

While journey was still in progress, King of Pet Forest, Charles VI passed away all in a sudden. Four heroes rushed back to the city of Karugarner to mourn over the virtuous king's death.

Yet, to their surprise, they fell into an unexpected ambush around three-way intersection. After fierce battles against the unknown enemy, Ranger Kalika disappeared, and Warrior Ivory sacrificed his own life. Only Mage Heinge and Priest Walhallen made their way back to Karugarner.

The once peaceful and secure city had fallen into chaos. Heinge and Walhallen were imprisoned by the church immediately upon their return. Drove by the grief of companion's death and towards the imprisonment, two heroes fought back and escaped.

So it was, the legendary four heroes disappeared and had never showed up again.

Order was restored in PetForest, however, rumors about the evil conspiracy of three-way intersections began to spread as well. Some claim that the four heroes disappeared on purpose to hide themselves from the wicked force in three way intersections; some believe they are still seeking for the Divine Beasts.

Incident at the three-way intersections remain a mystery. Even though pieces by pieces, more evidence were discovered and all point to one thing in common; the tragedy at three-way intersections in only a disguise. But no witness has been found to prove it.

Young adventures in the PetForest could wait no longer. Some believe the four heroes are still alive, and step on their journey to find the heroes and assist their task. Some are determined to complete the holy task by themselves.

Adventures are now leading this land into a new era of infinite possibilities.

Click here for more info!

You can play using your facebook, yahoo and myspace account or you can register here!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

GameHouse Zuma Deluxe v1.001

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pet Society Coin Cheat March 15, 2010

Use it while its still fresh and working...


  1. Go into Pet Society [click to play]
  2. Pick up the brush and brush your pet with it.
  3. Open Cheat Engine and select browser in the process list
  4. Settings will be [Hex, Array of Bytes, Also scan read only mem]
  5. Scan "0F846A0100008B5DFC8B7308"
  6. 1 address returned. Right click Disassemble
  7. Right click selected code and select 'Replace with code that does nothing'
  8. New scan "0F8F3E0400008B7DD08B872C020000"
  9. 1 address returned. Right click Disassemble
  10. Go UP a few lines to find this line "mov ecx, 0000000a"
  11. Change it to "mov ecx, 00000001"
  12. Now brush your pet, you will get 20 coins each brush. Brush till around 200 coins
  13. Click 'ADD COINS' (top left corner of screen)
  14. You will be at the bank screen.
  15. Click the door at the lower left, and click HOME
  16. Continue brushing for another 200 coins.
  17. Repeat steps 12-16 till you are RICHHHH.
  18. Do NOT brush more than 200 coins or Mayor will appear!
Credits: fREE2SW4U & ChiKit

source - PWNTHIS.NET

GCPH Dungeon Hacks by FrostBlaze

Updated March 13, 2010



click here


∙ sudden death all bosses and mobs
∙ bosses and mobs die at the left side


∙ extract IPUGC_SD.ZIP to your IPUGC folder
∙ click the picture until DONE.
∙ close the trainer and run your IPUGC client. use bypass launcher.

this is only temporary until i can create a thread for IPUGC and others.


UPDATED: 03-11-2010


this is for grand chase philippines (gcph) only
make sure ur gcph client is patched
disable ur anti-virus first (or add an exception if u don't want to disable ur AV)


click here


∙ sudden death all bosses and mobs
∙ bosses and mobs die at the left side
∙ platform stage portals are moved close to each other
∙ removed water (well, most of it anyway) in partusay's sea and water dungeon
∙ bosses and additional mobs added to first stage of lvl 3 dungeons:
--- orc lord
--- gaikoz
--- partusay and mini-icegolem
--- basilisk and fire-golem
--- gardosen and lich
--- lenasien and octus
--- zen and vanessa
--- ancient ent
--- blue fairy

go to to get  latest Grand Chase hacks...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Restaurant City Piaip's RC hack

  • Piaip's RC Hack v1.22 - version 1.22 has an additional feature only for flash 10. Where fast waiter allows fast walking speed.
  • Browser of your choice
1. Download Piaip's RC Hack v1.22
2. Open Piaip's RC Hack v1.22
3. Open Restaurant City
4. Select browser you are using
5. Check the cheats you want to use
6. Click PATCH and your done

Please wait for a few seconds after clicking patch to see the cheats working...

Have fun!!!

Credits to Piaip

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pet Society Crazy Coins Cheat for Flash10

Inspired by the previous tree cheat, free2sw4u has come up with a Flash 10 version of the cheat for users who cannot play Pet Society on Flash 9 for some reason. This version is only for Flash 10 users! Flash 9 users use the other cheat. Cheat can be saved.

  1. Open Cheat engine
  2. Play Pet Society
  3. Exit your house and click on a tree to get a coin.
  4. Scan "8B78088B8FFC0200008945D8C745DC" (Hex, Array of bytes, ASROM)
  5. 1 address returned. Right click > Disassemble
  6. Scroll UP a few lines and you should see this " jne xxxxxxxx"
  7. Right click and select "Replace with code that does nothing"
  8. New scan "8B402485F60F849B020000" (hex, array of bytes, ASROM)
  9. 1 address returned. Right click > Disassemble
  10. You will see the code 'mov eax,[eax,+24]'
  11. Change it to 'mov eax,90'
  12. A few lines down, you will see the code "mov [ebp-24],00000001"
  13. Change it to 'mov [ebp-24],000001f4'
  14. Now, click on a tree. Increase about 4000-5000 coins and quickly click 'Add Coins'
    If Mayor is appearing, try clicking on 'Add Coins' earlier.
  15. Then exit shop
  16. Repeat step 14 and 15 till satisfied.
Watch the below video if mayor is appearing. You have to be fast in clicking Add Coins.

source - PWNTHIS.NET

Friday, January 29, 2010

GC All Version Dungeon Hacks by Brian~ -Not Working Anymore!


IPU GC Hack v2.0.0 [Specially for IPU GC (I like pissing off their admin ^^)]

IPUGCHackv2.0.0 This is a ONE TIME ACTIVATION only, after that you WONT need to activate again... and to remove the hack just click DEACTIVATE

GCHack.v1.1.3 2Shared Mirror



Other Downloads



Status if Working:
[??] GCTH >>Detected after Dungeon Run?

AutoKill MOB
Loots are always on the Left corner
No Damage MOB
No Quest Dialogue
No Water In Dungeons with water
No Delay on Portal/Warp Pad
Edited Jump Stage Portals
Portals are always on the Left corner on All Continent [1-3 Level Star Difficulty Only]
Early Boss on Xenia 1st Dungeon for fast Honor Rune Armor & Helmet Hunting [stage1 Octus / stage2 Lenasien]
ReMapped Dungeons Now All in Full Run [Some Dungeons in Xenia and Silver Continent Not Yet Done]

-Works on all legit GC versions [Beta testing on GC KR atm]
-Party Dungeon run will only work if the member has the same hacks
-Does not affect Drop rate



Still Not Working? Read This:
A quick solution for Non-Working hacks [Make sure you update you GC Client first]

Delete the temp.log
Run GChack.exe

Run GC patch again
Run GChack.exe

For Non Windows XP user or For Windows7 and Windows Vista Users
Right Click GChack.exe
Click Properties
Click Compatibility tab
[x] Run this program in compatibility mode for:
Choose Windows XP
[x] Run this program as an Administrator

Old Private Server Hacks


choryutretz for the file size idea
sOulimperfect for the portal idea
MayRabiesAko for the modified PY file
wolfgangjt for the video tutorial
woofy for the GC KR account and for testing every release
tancam for the whole GC KR files and accounts
ElswordII for the support
noein8413 for the support
makim43 for the Auto Dungeon script & for cracking v3 kom files
hypnos69 for Windows 7 instructions
mussicca for the recording software
MirageOS for the GC KR patch upload
ALL who test and contributes to this project


go to to get  latest Grand Chase hacks  

Facebook Mafia Wars Autoplayer (Rebirth)

By cygnum Last update March 15, 2010 — Installed 910,901 times.

Script Summary:
Mafia Wars Autoplayer (Supports Firefox v3.5+, Chrome v5.0+)
Version: 1.1.10
Remotely hosted version

Google Chrome support!
Video Tutorial on how to use this in Firefox (by sQuId)
Watch the high quality video tutorial here!
Also seen on YouTube and DailyMotion

Known Issues:
  • Does not support the new street thug tier layout, you have to play through this one manually
  • Consequently, checking "Optimize at End Level" when performing combinations of jobs will raise issues for you (if you have the "new layout"), so just uncheck it
New features:
  • Introducing job bursts, help drain your energy faster! For more details check this link out
  • Introducing stamina bursts, help drain your stamina faster! For more details check this link out
  • Bangkok support for choosing sides (General Tab)
  • Bangkok jobs added
  • Bangkok support for auto-banking / selling business output
  • Added publishing of Iced opponent bonus, Level up bonus (much thanks to crazydude)
  • Automatically use miniPack every 8 hours (+25% max energy)
  • Auto-publish secret stash found while fighting (mafia tab option)
  • Ice Check (credits to to scooy78)
  • Random stamina usage (Stamina Tab --> Spend Stamina Randomly)
  • Add/remove friend to and from war list (from friend's profile)
Bug fixes:
  • Fighting fixes
  • Hot link healing while fighting
  • Modified iframe loading logic
  • Fixed publishing (wall posting)
  • Fixed time left for job format
  • Fixed language checking (non-english facebook accounts should now be able to at least load MWAP)
  • Fixed pre-req items loot collection (attempt #2)
  • Fixed pre-req items looting/buying (attempt #1) :)
  • Mismatch bonus energy / exp calculation (reported by janman)
  • Energy pack parsing
Upcoming features/bug fixes:
  • Auto-click stashed items found when doing jobs
How to use this:

Don't forget to update every now and then...

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