Thursday, July 5, 2012

Facebook Marvel: Avengers Alliance PVP Farming

You can make other players in the pvp not attack you and just do recharge every time its their turn.You will also get all the possible SAFE drops for you to use or sell. I prefer SAFE drops because all of them works. Getting a single non-working item will make all your farmed items disappear.

Facebook Marvel: Avengers Alliance item farming preview.

How to do this? Using the hack mention HERE!
Then follow this steps:
1. Go to PVP and choose any player to fight.
2. Click the Leethax icon
3. Go and Open Battle Options
4. Click the following in order: Hurt Enemy > Heal Self > Check Freeze HP >Check Freeze AP
5. Check Force Drop and Click X to clear all selected items. Clicking the X will force only the safe items to drop.
6. Attack and attack til no more items drop.
7. Go and finish the fight by unchecking the freeze hp and freeze ap.
8, Repeat til you have no more Challenge Points.

NOTE! Be sure to use Heroes like Ironman and Hawkeye that can hit multiple enemies. Your agent must also use a weapon that can hit multiple enemies to reduce time farming.


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