Sunday, December 27, 2009

Zoo World Money Tips and Tricks

  • Get money faster by visiting friends one by one, you'll get money for each friend you visit.

  • You can get money also by finding the daily treasure that is hidden inside the zoo, it takes alot of time to find the daily treasure in a zoo with lots of animals. Its better to look in zoos with few animals, that way you'll get the treasure quickly.

  • Clicking trees will also give you money so go get a pen and make a list of friends who has lots of trees in their zoo.

  • Putting your own trees in one place will also get you more money because of friends visiting your zoo. I know they will visit your zoo coz it will be easy for them to click those trees of yours.

Icy Tower Coins and Trophy Cheat

Credits: gotit @ R2O
pwnthis of
Tested and working.


  1. Open Charles. Make sure it's recording sessions in firefox
  2. Go into Icy Tower. Click to play. (link)
  3. Play any tower, get a few coins and save the game. (it will auto save when you lose the game)
  4. Now look in Charles for these lines:
    ' or'
  5. Expand the folder inside and search for the line "put_results.php"
  6. Right click this line and select "Repeat Advanced"
  7. As usual, 100000 for iterations and 5 for concurrency
  8. After game refresh, you will get lots of coins and trophies. Have fun!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facebook's Sky City

Grow exotic plants and build your own virtual city in Sky City!

PetVille Introduction

What is PetVille?

PetVille is a game where you can be creative and social: create and dress a unique pet, feed and clean your pet, decorate its home and visit other neighborhood pets! You'll earn Love Points as you progress through the game that unlock cool new items and features. You'll also earn coins, which will help you buy fun new clothes and furniture for your pet.

How to get coins

* Feed Your Pet from the Food Bowl
* Pick up trash in Your Home and in your Neighbors' Homes
* Clean Your Pet and your Neighbors' Pets
* Play (dance, high five, etc.) with your Neighbors' Pets
* Put fresh flowers in your Flower Vases
* Feed Your Pet and your Neighbors' Pets Treats
* Buy Coins using your credit card or your PayPal account at the PetVille Bank

How to earn Love Points

* Play (dance, high five, etc.) with your Neighbors' Pets
* Buy clothing, furniture, and other items in PetVille
* Clean Your Pet and your Neighbors' Pets
* Feed Your Pet from the Food Bowl
* Put fresh flowers in your Flower Pots

Is there a way to purchase Coins in PetVille?

Of course! There are a few ways you can do this:

* Click on the Buy More Coins text link above the PetVille Screen
* Click on the Add Coins button in the upper left corner of your PetVille Screen
* Click on the World icon and then Click on Bank.

Love Points: What they are and how to use 'em

So you may be wondering what exactly Love Points are and what they're used for in PetVille. Love Points are rewards for taking care of Your Pet, decorating Your Home, shopping, or visiting Neighbors.

You can keep track of your Love Points using the Love Meter located at the top of the PetVille Screen. When you accumulate Love Points, you will level up and unlock new features in the game. You'll be able to buy a better selection of food for Your Pet's Food Bowl, have new flowers to put in your Flower Vases, and get new things to buy in the PetVille Stores. You'll also unlock new rooms in Your Home for you to decorate.


I see three Meters on the right side of my PetVille Screen. What are they for?
In the upper right corner of Your PetVille Screen you'll see three Meters. These Meters are here to indicate how Your Pet is doing.

* The meter with the bolt icon is Your Pet's Energy Meter.
* The meter with the Food Bowl icon and countdown clock is the Food Timer.
* The meter with the soap icon is the Hygiene Meter.


How does the Energy Meter work?
The Meter to the right of your PetVille Screen marked with the bolt icon is the Energy Meter. The Energy Meter shows Your Pet's current Energy level (the number on the left) and the maximum Energy level that Your Pet can attain (the number on the right). Your Pet needs Energy in order play with other Pets. Each time you play with another Pet, your Energy will go down. Keep in mind Your Pet only has so much Energy for one day, and if Your Pet runs out of Energy then Your Pet can't play with other pets.


How can I increase my Pet's Energy?
Your Pet's Energy is refreshed once every 24 hours. This is currently the only way to get more energy in PetVille.

The Food Timer: How it works
Let's face it - Your Pet likes to eat! The Food Bowl is where you put food for Your Pet and keep it fed. You only have one Food Bowl for feeding Your Pet.

You'll notice to the far right of the PetVille Screen is a Bowl icon and a clock that runs backwards. This is the Food Timer - it keeps track of how long you have until Your Pet runs out of food and needs to be fed again. The Food Timer starts counting down as soon as you place the food you've selected into the Bowl. When the timer reaches 00:00:00, two things can happen:

1. If you return to the game soon enough, your pet will finish off the remaining food in the bowl and you will receive a reward for taking good care of your pet. You can earn a lot of coins by being a good owner!

2. If you wait too long, your pet will run away and end up in the pound. In order to get your pet to come home, you will need to pay a fine. Ugh!

How long do I have to re-feed my Pet and collect my reward before it runs away?
Generally speaking, the longer a food item keeps your pet fed, the more time you'll have to re-feed it and collect your award before it runs away to the Pound. As a rule of thumb, you have about ½ the time your pet was fed for to collect your reward and re-feed your pet before it runs off. So, for example, if you feed your pet for 8 hours, you'll have about 4 hours after the Food Timer hits 00:00:00 to collect your reward and feed it again. But be careful- you'll need to experiment on your own to find out exactly how much time each type of food allows before your pet runs away!

How do I feed my Pet?
To feed Your Pet, click on the Food Bowl with the big "Feed Me!" sign in it to bring up a menu of food to put in the Bowl. Each food item notes the amount of Coins it takes to purchase, the amount of time it will keep Your Pet fed before you have to buy more food, and the award you receive for keeping Your Pet fed on time.

As you level up, you'll unlock new food to feed Your Pet because after all, wouldn't you be bored if all you could eat was bananas?

Can I replace food that I've already put in the Bowl?
Let's suppose you've put food out for Your Pet that keeps it fed for 2 hours, but you now won't be able to come back in time to refill the Food Bowl. In such a situation you may want to put food in the Bowl that will keep Your Pet fed longer. To do this, just click on the Food Bowl and select a new type of food. When you click on the new food, the game will ask you if you wish to replace the food. Click "Yes" and the Food Timer will automatically reset to the amount of time your new food selection will keep Your Pet fed.

And just so you know, you cannot place more than one food item into the Bowl at one time in order to extend the time Your Pet is fed. Besides, Your Pet doesn't think chocolate and pizza go well together!


The Hygiene Meter: Keeping your pet clean
The Meter to the right top of the PetVille Screen noted by the Soap icon is Your Pet's Hygiene Meter. This Meter shows how clean Your Pet is. Sometimes you may notice that Your Pet is attracting flies and covered in dirt - it's definitely not happy! To clean Your Pet, click on the Storage icon, then click and drag the soap into the game. Next, scrub back and forth over Your Pet while holding down your mouse button. You'll earn Coins and Love Points as the Hygiene Meter fills up. Once the Hygiene Meter fills all the way to the top, Your Pet will jump for joy as it is now totally clean and happy!


What's up with the trash all over my Home? Can I get coins and Love Points for cleaning it up?
Sometimes Your Pet can be a messy little critter. You might come Home and see trash scattered throughout Your Home - papers, socks, scraps, etc. Click on any trash you see to pick it up. Not only will your room be cleaner, you'll get Coins for your effort! Look both high and low to find all the trash in your room -some trash can end up on shelves or other objects. When the room is all clean, you'll get a Good Housekeeping bonus of Coins and Love Points - it definitely pays to keep a tidy home!

Note that garbage will refresh in your and your neighbors' homes once every 24 hours.


How can I get more Neighbors? Can I earn Coins and Love Points by visiting them?
Yes! You can also earn Coins and Love Points by visiting Neighbors. There are several ways to add neighbors. At the bottom of the PetVille Screen, click on one of the house-shaped icons that says "Add Neighbors" or the one that says "Invite Friends". At the top of the PetVille screen, you can also click the "Invite Friends" or "My Neighbors" links.

All of these links ultimately take you to a page that displays a list of your Facebook friends. Click on any friends you'd like to invite to play the game and be your neighbor, or you can fill in the search box with the names of specific friends you'd like to invite. You can also search for friends to invite by entering in their email address.

Once you've gotten all your friends ready to invite, click on the blue Invite button to send them a Neighbor request. In order for your friends to become your Neighbors, they have to accept the Invite Neighbor request. Once they have accepted, that person will now be part of your Neighbor list, and the more Neighbors you have to visit, the more Coins you can earn (and it's more fun for Your Pet, too).

How do I earn Coins and Love Points by visiting Neighbors?
Once you have some Neighbors, you'll see their picture on house-shaped icon at the bottom of your PetVille Screen. Click on the icon to visit their home. Once there, Your Pet can earn Coins and Love Points by playing with your Neighbor's Pet-dancing, doing a secret handshake and other fun things. You can visit the same neighbor more than once a day, but you'll earn lower rewards each time. It definitely pay to have lots of neighbors!

What else can I do with my neighbors' pets?
In addition to playing, you can also clean your neighbors' pets and give them Treats. Clean your neighbor's pet until its hygiene meter is full -you'll earn Coins and Love Points. See below for more info on Gifts and Treats.

When you're done at your neighbor's house, just click the Home icon in the bottom left corner to take Your Pet home. Being a good neighbor definitely pays in PetVille!

Game Settings

How do I adjust game settings?
The blue wrench icon near the top of your PetVille Screen is your Tool button. Roll over this button to display 3 buttons that allow you to alter basic game settings:

* Sound
* Music
* Screen quality

How do I turn the sound on or off in PetVille?
Roll over the Tool icon (the button that looks like a wrench) near the top of your PetVille Screen -the top button (with a speaker) you see is for turning on/off game sound. Click it once and the sound should turn off; click it again and the sound will return.

How do I turn the music on or off in PetVille?
If you've got your own tunes to rock out with Your Pet, just roll over the Tool icon (the button that looks like a wrench) near the top of your PetVille Screen -the middle button (with a musical note) turns game music on or off. Click the button to turn game music off; click it again to turn the music back on.

My game animation seems to run slowly.How can I fix this?
If your game's animation feels slow, just roll over the Tool icon (the button that looks like a wrench) near the top of your PetVille Screen -the bottom button (with an eye) adjusts the game's screen quality. Click it once to lower screen quality (and speed up the game); click it again to restore the screen to best quality.

Main Icons

What do the icons in the bottom left hand side of my PetVille Screen do?
Each of the four icons in the bottom left corner of your PetVille Screen serve a different function. From left to right, they are:

* WORLD - By clicking on this icon you can access PetVille shops and places to go.
* STORAGE - This is where your belongings are stashed if they are not being used in game.
* WARDROBE - is a closet for Your Pet's clothing.
* GIFT - will let you send gifts to and accept gifts from your Neighbors.

The World: Gettin' around PetVille
The World icon in the lower left corner of your PetVille Screen provides you with shortcuts for getting around PetVille. Clicking on the World icon will reveal a map of places to go in PetVille- the clothing store, furniture store, hardware store, makeovers and the bank. Visit your desired location by clicking on it.

Storage: What's inside and what it's for
The second icon to the left is the Storage icon where you keep inventory such as soap, furniture items, hardware items and other items that are not being used in game. All Treats accepted and non-clothing items purchased are automatically placed in Storage. When you're ready to use items within the game, click on the Storage icon to see what you have. Then click and drag the item to wherever you want to put it in Your Home. You can also put things back into Storage by dragging the item with your mouse onto the Storage icon in the lower left corner.

You can also sell most Storage belongings (both starter items and items you've purchased) back to the game by clicking and dragging the item you want to sell over the Cash Register icon that will appear when you click on the Storage icon. You won't get all of what you paid for it, but something is better than nothing, right?

The Wardrobe: Dressing your pet
The third icon in the lower left corner that appears as a T-Shirt is where starter clothes and purchased clothes for Your Pet are kept. Dress Your Pet by clicking and dragging the clothing item onto Your Pet. If you want to take off the clothes off Your Pet, first click on the Wardrobe icon and then click on the clothing article on Your Pet and drag it onto the Wardrobe icon.

You're also welcome to sell both starter wardrobe and clothes purchased in the store back to the game by clicking and dragging the item you want to sell over the Cash Register icon that will appear when you click on the Wardrobe icon.


Shopping in PetVille
Chances are that Your Pet likes to style and profile, and chances are you'll want to personalize the décor of Your Home. Click on the World icon and you have several stores to go to depending on what you're looking for.

Furniture and Hardware
Furniture and hardware items bought in PetVille stores are automatically placed in your Storage. To use any of these items in game, just click on the Storage icon, then click and drag the item into Your Home.

You will be awarded Love Points every time you purchase an item -about 1 point for every 10 coins you spend.

If you take Your Pet to the Clothing Store, you can click on any item to see how it looks on Your Pet before you buy. Clicking the clothes will also provide you the opportunity to purchase that item. Some outfits come as a single piece of clothing you can buy, and other ensembles may just cover the top or bottom of Your Pet. Once you buy a clothing item, it will go immediately into your Wardrobe.

You will be awarded Love Points every time you purchase an item -about 1 point for every 10 coins you spend.

Selling your stuff
You can sell starter items, Treats and store-bought items back to the game for Coins. To do so, click on either your Storage or Wardrobe icon and drag the item you wish to sell over the Cash Register icon to make the sale. In most instances you should get a small but reasonable percentage of what you originally paid for that item.

Special personal items such as soap, Flower Pots and Food Bowls cannot be sold back to the game. Sorry!

Getting Home
To go back to Your Home at any time while out and about in PetVille, click on the orange house icon in the lower left side of your PetVille screen.


How can I change the appearance of my Pet?
If you want to change the look of Your Pet at any time, open up the World icon and click on the Makeover icon. Here you can change Your Pet's name and any of its exterior features just like you did when you played for the first time. Best of all, the makeovers are free of charge!

Gifts and Treats

How to give and receive Gifts (aka "Treats")
The fourth icon in the bottom left corner of your PetVille Screen that resembles a wrapped present is the Gift icon. By clicking on the Gift icon, you can accept Treats sent to you by other players, and you can also send free Treats to your Neighbors. Treats are FREE gifts that are actually useful in the game (imagine that!).

If you have a gift waiting for you to accept, you'll see a red circle notification appear on top of the Gift icon. To accept a Treat, click the Gift icon, then click the "Accept Gifts" button. This will take you out of the game for a moment to your list of gifts. Click "Accept" on the Treat you want and you will be taken back into the game. You will need to do this for each Treat you want to accept.
Once you accept a Treat, it will automatically be placed in your Storage chest for future use. To feed it to Your Pet or a Neighbor's Pet, open up Storage and drag the Treat into the game next to the pet.

Each Treat has a typical reaction associated with it, but every once in a while the Treat will trigger a dazzling stunt or trick. You'll receive Coins for each trick you make your pet or your neighbors' pets perform- the more advanced the trick is, the more Coins you get!

Your Pet's Food Timer and Energy will not be increased by the consumption of Treats. You can unlock new Treats as you level up.

Send gifts often and your friends will be more likely to return the favor!

What are the Flower Vases for and how do they work?
You can earn Coins and Love Points by placing fresh flowers into your Flower Pots for free! It's simple - click on the Flower Vase in your room and select a flower type to decorate with. Each flower lasts a different amount of time before it wilts. Once your flowers wilt, just click on the vase to grow more! It's fast, easy money and they look pretty too!

How many Flower Vases do I get? Can I move Flower Vases into the same room?
You get one Flower Vase per unlocked room. If you'd like, you can keep all of your Flower Vases in the same room. To do so, click and drag your Flower Vase over the Storage icon in the lower left hand corner of your PetVille Screen. When you get to the room you want to place it in, simply click on the Storage icon and then drag the Vase into the room you desire.

Other Questions

How can I become an official PetVille Fan? What's being a fan all about?
You can "Become a Fan" of PetVille by clicking on the blue button that looks like a bullhorn near the top of the PetVille Screen. By becoming a fan of PetVille on Facebook, you can receive updates on new items and features for the game as well as being able to connect with other PetVille fans.

Can I bookmark PetVille in game?
Yes! Click on the Ribbon icon near the top of the PetVille Screen, and from there you can bookmark PetVille for easy access in Facebook.

Is there a "daily bonus" for playing PetVille every day?
You can receive one FREE Treat for each day you log in to the game and play. Essentially, this means you'll get free Coins just by logging in daily. That's a mighty sweet deal!

My Pet sometimes waves to me, dances, sighs or yawns if I'm not actively playing the game. What does this mean?
Your Pet's just bored and trying to get your attention - Your Pet wants to play and feel love just like you!

Sometimes I see a black icon in the bottom right hand corner. What is it?
If you are in Your Home, the Black icon that will appear to your bottom right is an icon of Your Home that indicates the room that you are in and the rooms that you can access. If the room appears grayed out, then that room is still locked and won't be accessible until you level up far enough to unlock it.

If you see a Black icon in the bottom right hand side of your PetVille Screen when you are out shopping, this is the Elevator that you use to move to a different floor of the store. By clicking on the Elevator, you'll see a menu of floors to go to. Just click on the level you desire and you can go up or down within the store. And whenever you're ready to go home, just click on the orange Home icon in the bottom left corner.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mafia Wars Autoplayer

Install greasemonkey first before you can use Mafia Wars Autoplayer

Download Greasemonkey

Then install Mafia Wars Autoplayer

Download Mafia Wars Autoplayer

Visit our forums at

Instructions can be found at the following location

  • auto refresh page with random time
  • auto mission mastery + (will get required loot/inventory)
  • auto fight / Rob
  • auto stats
  • auto health replenish
  • auto banking feature
  • job energy returns calculated
  • auto energy-pack usage
  • auto property purchase
  • auto property protect
  • auto property heal
  • superior log info collection
  • statistic collection
  • ride hitlist feature
  • auto lotto

version 0.9.19

-fixes for most Zynga changes -added bounty selection options

version 0.9.17

-fighting fixed -lots of other fixes -new log filter features

version 0.9.14

-move travel menu -mission optimizations -hitman stats

version 0.9.12

-fixes for Zynga changes -bug eradication -message parsing enhancements

version 0.9.11

-new cuba mission support -non-english detection -fixes for Zynga changes -added 'chicken' detection -tons of enhancements

version 0.9.9

New features: -selling of Cuban business output -health blinks at 20-28 health -if no opponents found, skip fight/rob once before reattempting -display wheelman bonus in log -click simulation for job help -display user name in job help result Other fixes: -"script not responding" after being hitlisted -stamina burn factors in unspent energy -some timer fixes -go to home page when first becoming idle -auto-invite and player update processing no off when script is paused -fix reset of auto-stat -fix graphs that displayed two midnights -don't attempt to detect energy packs except on home page

version 0.9.7

auto lotto added bug fixes on property purchase auto-skip gift wall notices separate banking for cuba/NY --THANKS DOONCE!

version 0.9.5

emergency Zynga change fix adds tabs to log

version 0.9.4

updates to address zynga changes removed noise from player updates

version 0.9.3

Emergency zynga updates

version 0.9.2

Numerous fixes from recent Zynga updates. Cuba mission support (beta)

version 0.9.1


version 0.9

auto-buy properties!! (thanks CyB)
player Updates changes (can keep certain number after logged)
helicopter energy fix
minimum mafia settings in fight mode added
Bug fixes!

version 0.8.1

just a few bugfixes

version 0.8

Bug fixes
log player updates is an option
visual enhancements

version 0.7

Bug fixes Log tweaks added ride hitlist

version 0.6.4

Bug fixes to automission mastery and fight/rob Log clearing options added Log aesthetics improved auto property repair/protect added

version 0.6.3

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pet Society “Hiddeni Hunt” Little Hack by Patiniox


1. Open cheat Engine;
2. Choose your browser;
3. Tick Hex and paste
8B 89 54 05 00 00 89 5D D8 8D 55 D8 8B D8 52 6A
4. change value type from 4 bytes to “Array of bytes”;
5. Tick “Also scan read-only memory”;
6. First scan;
7. you will get one address,right click & “disassemble this memory region”;
8. scroll up look for Je xxxxx example je 134335435
9. right click & choose replace with code that does nothing;
10. go to pet society and find hideeni

see video

Credits to patiniox & petsocietynews

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Farmville Autoplayer Updated Feb 06, 2010

Updated version as of Feb 06, 2010

Farmville Magic Tool 1.5


1. Open Farmville
2. Open Farmville magic tools 1.5 (download link above)
3. Drag the cow in the magic tools over the Farmville game window
4. The 3 grayed out buttons will now be clickable after it detects the game
5. Zoom out your farm to a point where you can see all the plots
6. Click any of the 3 buttons and your done

Farmville Introduction

Welcome to FarmVille!

In FarmVille you can plow, plant and harvest crops to earn money to further expand and improve your farmstead. You can also harvest trees and collect from animals.

My Farmer
You can change your farmer's appearance by clicking on your avatar. This will display the avatar customize screen, where you can modify skin color and various facial features, as you did at the beginning of the game.

By clicking the arrow button, you set your farmer to walk. In this mode you can walk your farmer to anywhere on the screen by clicking that location. This is the default setting and can be used to open object menus (to move or sell trees, decorations and buildings) and use the contextual commands (for example, clicking plowed land to seed or fully grown crops to harvest).

When you click on the hoe, you enter Plow mode. Now you can click on any fallow or clear ground to plow it. Each square plowed costs 15 coins and gives you 1 experience.

If a square is plowed, you can seed it by clicking on the plowed square. This opens the Market where you can choose which seed to use. The mode is changed to planting and you can click multiple plowed fields to plant that seed again. Seeds cost different amounts depend on the level needed to unlock the seed and how long it takes to grow. Most seeded crops awards 2 experience, but crops that take less than a day to grow only award 1 experience (and future types may yield no experience). Plan ahead by planting crops that will become ripe by the next time you can check your farm.

Crops can take from 2 hours to 4 or more days to grow before they can be harvested. Click on the ready crop to harvest it. Harvested crops are immediately sold for coins. Care should be taken not to leave the fully grown crops too long or they will wilt, becoming spoiled and useless. Crops will start to wilt after a period of time equal to their growth, so a 1 day crop will start wilting after 2 days have passed since planting.

Level and Experience
Actions like Plowing, Planting, Helping Friends and Buying Farm items (buildings, trees, animals) award experience points. As these points accumulate the farmer raises his level and more items are unlocked.

Click the Market Icon to open the market menu. From here you can purchase a variety of items:

* Seeds - These are the seeds used to plant crops. The higher the level needed to purchase a seed, the more coins can be made by harvesting and selling it.
* Trees
- These are fully grown trees that when purchased can be planted where you desire when purchased or given as a gift. Trees take 2-5 days to grow a crop of fruit, and after a crop is harvested a new crop starts growing. Fruit from trees will not wilt. You can sell Trees (either bought or gifted) at Level 7.
* Animals - Some animals can be purchased from the market; others can only be given as gifts. You can sell Animals (either bought or gifted) at Level 7. Animals will yield products to be sold every 1 to 5 days.
* Buildings
- These items can be used to decorate your farm, and in the future may have game effects on the farm. At present they award Experience when bought.
* Decorations
- These items like fences, wagons and garden gnomes will help make the farm more complete. They award Experience when bought.
* Expand Farm
- You can purchase additional land to expand your farm.

You can receive gifts from your friends as well as send them gifts. Usually gifts are trees or animals. Send your friends gifts often, and they'll be sure to return the favor!

By using the MY NEIGHBORS page you can invite a friend to be one of your neighbors. Your friend must accept the invitation.

Visiting and Helping Neighbors
All Neighbors are shown in the list at the bottom. By clicking on a Neighbor from the bar, you open a menu that has an option to visit that friend. When visiting a friend you haven't done a job for that day you will get an offer to perform a job to help that player. Performing a job awards experience and money. Invite new friends from the INVITE page and invite friends to be neighbors from the MY NEIGHBORS page.


* Mute Sounds
Turn on/off sound
* Mute Music
Turn on/off music.
* Toggle Graphics Quality
Turn on/off anti-aliasing (picture jaggies)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Farmville Secrets By T Dub.

WARNING: Your Neighbors Will All Insist on Wanting to Know Your Secret!

The Ultimate FarmVille Guru

Shares the Secret Tactic

You Can Use Legally


Dominate Your Way

to the Top of Facebook,

Growing Your Farm

at Light Speed. . .

100% Guaranteed - With the Latest Updates!

Restaurant City Coin Hack for level 32

Cheat Engine 5.5
Piaip RC Hack v1.13

1. Open Restaurant City
2. Patch the game with Piaip RC hack v1.13
3. Select browser in Cheat Engine 5.5.
4. Check hex and ASROM; also choose 8 bytes
5. Scan "00000039840FD285", 1 address will show
6. Disassemble the address and 2 lines down,
you will see "mov ecx,[edx+00000090]" (flash 10)
or "mov ecx,[edx+00000088]" (flash 9)
7. Right click the respective line and "Toggle Breakpoint"
8. Game will freeze, don't worry about it,
Copy the address for [EDX] (look at the right side)
9. Once copied, right click the line again and "Toggle Breakpoint"
10. Click Debug > Run to unfreeze the game.
11. Now click on "Add Address Manually" in ce5.5 main window.
12. Paste the address that you copied from [EDX]
and add "+90" behind the address (flash 10)
or add "+88" behind the address (flash 9)
eg: 1A250280+88
13. A line will appear and you can see that the value is 32, which is your level
14. Now FREEZE and change the value to "31",
you can also try lower levels like 5 to get more coins
15. Go and decorate your restaurant and when you click the TICK(green checkmark), you will start a cycle of leveling up from 31 to 32. Keep clicking to get coins
16. When you're done, UNFREEZE and change the value back to 32

Note: When a pop up appears saying you've lost connection, just click the TICK and keep trying to save the game.

Credits to Piaip and infinitehax

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rock Riot AutoPlayer

Download RockRiot Autoplayer here: mediafire


1. Open Rock Riot
2. Play any song (you might not get 100% success for difficult songs).
3. Open autoplayer (download link above)
4. Click "Imposta Coordinate"
5. Hover the boxes over the 5 boxes of Rock Riot
6. Click "Attiva" and let the autoplayer do the job.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Restaurant City Hack v1.13 by Piaip

PiaipRchack Version 1.13
Firefox or Internet Explorer
Adobe Flash Player 10.0

Step 1 : Open Restaurant City

Step 2 : Open Piaip's Restaurant City hack v1.13

Step 3 : Select either Iexplorer or Firefox and check all the cheats and click patch.

Step 4 : Click redecorate from time to time just to make sure things will get save

Enjoy Playing!!!

Don't forget to comment and follow my blog.. Thanks!

Credits : Piaip and Rayz

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pet Society Combo Cheat

You don't need to use Cheat Engine so I'm not gonna include any steps.

See video for details

Just download programs here and here


Friday, November 6, 2009

Grand Chase Up-to-date hacks for all version

Updated November 23, 2009

Project1: Grand Chase Philippines

EA09AC44 | 92852B07

11-07-2009 08:37PM

11-22-2009 11:33AM

AutoKill MOB
Loots are always on the Left corner
No Damage MOB
No Quest Dialogue
No Water In Dungeons with water
No Delay on Portal/Warp Pad
No need to Re-edit after Every Patch

-For (3) ***Star Level and Champion Mode Only
-Does not affect Drop rate
-For solo Dungeon run only
-If you get Kick out of Dungeon, enter another Dungeon then quit, re-enter the Dungeon you got Kicked

Project2: Grand Chase North America

6EBF04E6 | C9EE1EB2

11-07-2009 08:37PM

11-22-2009 11:33AM

AutoKill MOB
Loots are always on the Left corner
No Damage MOB
No Quest Dialogue
No Water In Dungeons with water
No Delay on Portal/Warp Pad
No need to Re-edit after Every Patch

-For (3) ***Star Level and Champion Mode Only
-Does not affect Drop rate
-For solo Dungeon run only
-If you get Kick out of Dungeon, enter another Dungeon then quit, re-enter the Dungeon you got Kicked

Project3: Grand Chase Taiwan


11-09-2009 07:55PM

11-18-2009 09:42AM

AutoKill MOB
Loots are always on the Left corner
No Damage MOB
No Quest Dialogue
No Water In Dungeons with water
No Delay on Portal/Warp Pad
No need to Re-edit after Every Patch

-For (3) ***Star Level and Champion Mode Only
-Does not affect Drop rate
-For solo Dungeon run only
-If you get Kick out of Dungeon, enter another Dungeon then quit, re-enter the Dungeon you got Kicked

Project4: Grand Chase Korea

DDB7E603 | 0E18B8EA

11-08-2009 01:13PM

11-22-2009 11:19AM

AutoKill MOB
Loots are always on the Left corner
No Damage MOB
No Quest Dialogue
No Water In Dungeons with water
No Delay on Portal/Warp Pad
No need to Re-edit after Every Patch

-For (3) ***Star Level and Champion Mode Only
-Does not affect Drop rate
-For solo Dungeon run only
-If you get Kick out of Dungeon, enter another Dungeon then quit, re-enter the Dungeon you got Kicked

Project5: Grand Chase Hongkong

B2A54445 | B3027690

11-07-2009 08:37PM


AutoKill MOB
Loots are always on the Left corner
No Damage MOB
No Quest Dialogue
No Water In Dungeons with water
No Delay on Portal/Warp Pad
No need to Re-edit after Every Patch

-For (3) ***Star Level and Champion Mode Only
-Does not affect Drop rate
-For solo Dungeon run only
-If you get Kick out of Dungeon, enter another Dungeon then quit, re-enter the Dungeon you got Kicked

Project6: Grand Chase Brasil


11-07-2009 09:34PM


AutoKill MOB
Loots are always on the Left corner
No Damage MOB
No Quest Dialogue
No Water In Dungeons with water
No Delay on Portal/Warp Pad
No need to Re-edit after Every Patch

-For (3) ***Star Level and Champion Mode Only
-Does not affect Drop rate
-For solo Dungeon run only
-If you get Kick out of Dungeon, enter another Dungeon then quit, re-enter the Dungeon you got Kicked

Project7: Grand Chase Thailand

8BC122D7 | 11210212

11-10-2009 08:03AM

11-22-2009 11:33AM

AutoKill MOB
Loots are always on the Left corner
No Damage MOB
No Quest Dialogue
No Water In Dungeons with water
No Delay on Portal/Warp Pad
No need to Re-edit after Every Patch

-For (3) ***Star Level and Champion Mode Only
-Does not affect Drop rate
-For solo Dungeon run only
-If you get Kick out of Dungeon, enter another Dungeon then quit, re-enter the Dungeon you got Kicked

Project8: Grand Chase KATAKUMB Server


10-12-2009 09:54AM

10-12-2009 09:57AM

1 Hit Kill MOB now working in "Expedicao" mode
Modified EXP/GP get lvl75 in less than an hour in "Expedicao" mode



Project9: Grand Chase PUMALOCO Server

10-31-2009 02:43PM

10-31-2009 03:54PM

1 Hit Kill MOB now working in "Expedicao" mode
Modified EXP/GP get lvl75 in less than an hour in "Expedicao" mode

1st You will need to install Winrar

2nd Download the file

3rd Double click the file e.g. "Brian~ GC_version.rar"

4th Extract the file e.g. "C:\Program Files\Grand Chase\" Folder

5th Play

Don't forget to backup your files | All scripts here are 100% PVP proof | We don't do/use PVP hacks

credits to Brian~ of elitepvpers
choryutretz for the file size idea
sOulimperfect for the portal idea
ALL who test and contributes to this project

You need to register first to elitepvpers to download the hacks.

go to to register

after registering, click here for GC hacks

Grand Chase Introduction

Grand Chase (Korean: 그랜드체이스, lit. Grand Chase) is a free-to-play, two-dimensional side-scrolling MMORPG developed by the Korean company KOG Studios. Grand Chase has servers in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Philippines, United States, and Thailand. Alternate names for Grand Chase include 3小俠 (Chinese: lit. Three Young Heroes) on the Taiwan server, however, Hong Kong server do not use this Chinese name.

Links to different Grand Chase servers:

more info at

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pet Society Introduction

In the world of Pet Society you and your pet can have a great time! You can play games, decorate your house and even bring gifts for your friends when you visit them. You can enjoy many different games and activities in Pet Society, playing ball, jumping with your skipping rope or going on treasure hunts for coins in the city. For those who like to compete you can take part in contests against other pets at the Pet Stadium!

Click here for more info...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mafia Wars Introduction

Welcome to Mafia Wars!

We’ll try to go over some basic aspects of gameplay here to make sure you know how to own the back alleys and streets of your crime empire.

A mobster's gotta work! Crime jobs are a great way to earn cash and experience, especially when you’re getting your start. Some jobs require certain items, properties, or mafia size to complete. New jobs become available as you progress through the game by completing jobs, earning cash and expanding your mafia size. Use that cash to buy the tools you need to perform bigger and better jobs for a bigger payoff.

Staying Alive, Stay Fighting, Stay On Top!
In order to do anything from picking a job to picking a fight you need to maintain your health, energy and stamina. You need your health to stay alive in fights and to avoid getting knocked down from a sucker punch. You’ll need your energy to complete jobs and should you get nabbed by the cops – to break out of jail! You’ll need stamina to keep fighting. Earn cash and experience by performing jobs and picking fights! You need experience points to move up to the next level and become a more powerful criminal.

Check here to find out who’s got a bounty on their head, and make sure you’re not one of them! A successful hit will earn you a nice cash reward. Keep in mind being a bounty hunter will earn you easy cash, but every other mafia will be able to view the same Marked Men – first come, first served. You can place a mark on most players in your same level range from their Mafia profile as long as you’ve got the stamina and the money to pay out for a bounty.

Real estate is a great way to earn quick, steady and reliable cash and street credit. Owning properties is where the real cash is at! Properties generate recurring income that can be used to finance your criminal activates. The more properties you own, the more money will continue to roll in.

The streets are rough, and rival mafias are everywhere. You can safe guard your cash at the bank, but after laundering and the bank’s cut, you’ll lose about 10%. But better lose it to the bank than on the streets because during fights, you can’t lose money you have in the bank!

Any made man knows that when you need a little help, you go to The Godfather. He’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse. The Godfather can help you rise through the ranks and power up your Mafia quickly by giving you cash, energy or more members. You can help The Godfather out by donating or filling out offers. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to return the favor...

  • If you purchased reward points with your credit card or Paypal: Fill out a Support Ticket
  • If you have completed offers with Super Rewards and you are missing the points have to send a request to them for help. In order to do this you will need to go to the Points page and click on "Missing Points". This will display a list of offers that you have clicked on. Find the offer that you believe you completed and click "Missing these reward points". In the form that comes up paste the confirmation email that you received for completing the offer. They will then process this request and award you the points if they find that you completed it.

Every now and then you’re bound to get caught up in a back alley beating or drive by shooting. When you’re feeling down and low on health, visit the Hospital to pay off the doctor to get patched up and back on the streets, and off the books.

There's a war going on outside! Fight it out with other Mafia Families for honor and fame. It's your family versus theirs: each member of your Mafia is armed with the best offensive and defensive weapons you've got and same deal for your opponent. You should try to have at least one offensive weapon, one defensive weapon, and one vehicle for each member of your family. Pick fights to win cash and bragging rights on the streets.

Where you buy and sell items. Shows the items that are available and the quantity you own. More items become available as you progress through the game.

In Mafia Wars, you're only as strong as your family. Mafia members are essential for doing jobs and fighting other families. If your Mafia is low on members, you can recruit more.

When you gain enough experience to increase in level, you are awarded skill points that you can use to improve your character's attributes.

Restaurant City Quiz Helper

Rc quiz helper is a tool to help you answer those daily quizzes and get the rewards 100%.
Download >>RC Quiz Helper<<

How to use? - Open RC Quiz Helper before opening the daily quiz. When the question is shown, type any word that you see in the quiz and RC Quiz Helper will automatically redirect you to the question and answer for the daily quiz.

Restaurant CIty Introduction

Cook up a storm in Restaurant City! Have you ever wondered what it might be like to start your own restaurant? How about we add a pinch of competition, say, a street full of restaurants run by your friends, allow you to create your own menu of amazing dishes, and top it off with a large dollop of fun? Sounds pretty tasty huh?

Restaurant City lets you run your very own restaurant and employ your friends to work for you as waiters and chefs. And with a wealth of different decorations, furniture and equipment to choose from you can really make your mark with a completely unique restaurant. You can visit your friends' restaurants too and even trade ingredients with them to help you create a menu which ensures your restaurant is the talk of the town! Play now and let's get cooking!

Click here to view the trailer!

Restaurant City Forum

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Free games for your mobilephone

ave fun using your mobilephone, check out Enjoy games, sudoku, solitaire, virtual pets and more.
Mobile phones were originally invented for talk. Now, millions of people twitter. Interactive play is another mobile application showing explosive growth. These portable computing devices, also known as mobile phones, can be used to play games, grow an origami daisy and even take care of a virtual pet. Some popular titles include Solitaire, Sudoku, Mahjongg, FreeCell, Virtual Monkey and Virtual Aquarium, along with traditional games of Chess and Checkers.
While mobile games can be purchased from phone carriers and others, a new advertising supported play is rapidly becoming popular. One site providing these games is
A player simply goes to, selects their handset, browses through a few categories, selects one of the hundreds of games available, downloads and starts to play. It's that simple.
Now, nothing in life is really free, so there is a catch. If the mobile phone user does not have an unlimited mobile data plan, yes there will be a small charge to download and play the game. If they have an unlimited data plan, there will be no costs involved.
Either way, you'll have fun!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cafe World Super Fast Eating Cheat

Cheat Engine 5.5

1. Open Cafe World
2. Select firefox as process
3. Tick hex, asrom and choose 8 bytes
4. Scan "3B840FC98574498B"
5. 1 address will appear, right click and disassemble
6. Look for "test ecx,ecx"
7. Change ecx to edx
8. Your customers will freeze but do not worry, it just means the cheat is working
9. Change back edx to ecx after a few minutes to see your coins increase.

NOTE: Make sure you have lots of dishes prepared or you will get disconnected. If ever you get disconnected, change back the values to "test ecx,ecx" to save the coins you earned before reloading the game.

The best part of this cheat is that you can do this cheat while cooking some dishes..

Roller Coaster Kingdom Exp/Coin Cheat


1. First lets do the exp cheat, download RCK TOOLS
2. Open Roller Coaster Kingdom and RCKCheat (make sure you have visitors)

3. Click Firefox and the box with "???" once
4. Go visit a friend or just wait a few minutes until it finds the address for the experience cheat to work
5. The number in the circle will have a starting number of zero and if it has increase then you have successfully activated the RCKCheat for Exp

NOTE: The cheat for coin is not working anymore for this version of RCKCheat so we will be using WPE PRO for the cheat coin

1. Open Roller Coaster Kingdom and have some visitors in it
2. Open WPE PRO (it's not a virus so just ignore when it says its a virus)
3. Choose Firefox as the target program to track and click PLAY button
4. Let your visitors do a few rides so that WPE PRO can get proper values
5. Wait until you get at least a hundred packets and CLICK stop
6. On the right side of WPE PRO, you will see values
7. Look for "payout": and then right click that value and choose "Add to Send List"
8. Click Send tab beside Filters to see the values you added
9. Double click and Change the payout value to 9 or 99
10. Click Send Play and choose continuously and 100 ms for timer
11. Now every time a visitor pays for a ride it will be multiplied many times over.

see picture to get an idea of what values to look for

Roller Coaster Kingdom Introduction

In Roller Coaster Kingdom you design, build, and manage your very own amusement park. Hire your friends to run your attractions and book tours of visitors to earn Coaster Coins and Park Points. Help your neighbors in their parks, acquire badges, and join the Coaster Community.


Clicking the Store icon defaults to the Rides tab. There are several tabs that contain items for you to purchase for your park. As your park grows and you gain Park Points, your level will increase. New items are available for purchase at different levels. If an item is not available for purchase it will be marked as "locked" and show at which level it will be available.
  • New - check out the newest items in the shop.
  • Rides - the main attractions for your park.
  • Food - food vendors to fill the tummies of your hungry customers.
  • Drinks - drink vendors to keep your thirsty customers happy.
  • Decorations - decorative items to give your park its unique flair.
  • Landscaping - a variety of trees, foliage and ponds to beautify your park.
  • Premium - items available for purchase using Coaster Cash.
  • Expansions - purchase park expansions to increase the size of your park.

Placing an item

Click the item you wish to purchase in the shop and drag it into your park. If your item does not fit in a particular location, it will be red. Rides, concessions, and vendors take a small amount of building time. Mouse over your ride to see how long it will take to build.

Moving an item

Start by opening the Store or Gift Box. The Store or Gift Box MUST be open to move an item. Click on the item you wish to move. Once you have found your new location, click again to place the item.

Bulldozing an item

If you would like to remove an item, click the bulldozer icon. Mouse over the item you would like to bulldoze and it will highlight in yellow. Click the item to remove it from your park.

Hire a friend

Once you have placed your attraction, you need to hire a friend to run it. Click the "hire a friend" arrow to get started. Click the left and right arrows to scroll through your list of friends or type a name in the search box. When you've found the friend you want to hire, click the check mark.

Fire a friend

You're fired! Click on the attraction make the option to fire your friend available. Don't forget to hire a new friend!


You can upgrade your attractions to increase their capacity. This also increases your profits. Click the attraction for upgrade options. Some upgrades require Coaster Coins while others may require Coaster Coins and a particular number of neighbors.

Paths & Lines

When designing your park, be sure to include the appropriate paths. Paths help customers get to where they need to go more easily. Extending lines for your attractions keeps things orderly and will keep your customers happier at the very busy attractions. Access paths & lines by clicking the concrete path icon.

Book Tours

  1. Book It!
    In order to get visitors to come your park, you must book group tours. Begin by clicking an empty parking space in your parking lot. Take note of the number of guests, booking costs, and travel time each type of tour has to offer. Select one of the vehicle options.
  2. Travel Time
    Each type of tour has a different travel time. This is the amount of time it takes for a particular tour to travel to your park.
  3. Meet and Greet
    A gracious park owner must meet and greet their guests. Do this by clicking on the sparkling vehicle that has arrive in the parking lot. If you do not meet and greet your guests in a timely fashion, they will become crabby and leave.
  4. Incoming!
    After the meet and greet, the newly arrived visitors will enter your park to spend their hard earned coins on all your attractions.
  5. Clean Up
    Do not forget to clean up the parking lot to make way for new vehicles. Click the parking space to sweep away the trash

Park Points & Levels

Earn Park Points by booking tours, meeting and greeting your visitors, cleaning the parking lot, providing exciting attractions for your visitors to ride, and helping your neighbors with their parks. As your Park Points increase you will gain levels. There are 25 levels in Roller Coaster Kingdom. Each level unlocks new items to allow you to have more variety in building your park.


Any successful park manager will know how to schmooze with other park managers. Click the neighbor tab at the top of the application to view which of your friends is currently playing Roller Coaster Kingdom and send a neighbor request. You can work in your neighbor's park to earn Coaster Coins and Park Points. Increasing the number of neighbors you have also allows you to further upgrade your attractions and purchase larger park expansions.


Need more neighbors? Invite your friends to play Roller Coaster Kingdom! Click the Invite tab at the top of the application and select the friends you would like to invite.


Send your friends and neighbors gifts to place in their park. Click the Gift tab at the top of the application for a list of gifts.

I want more!

Click the "Get More Coaster Cash" at the top of the application. This will allow you to purchase Coaster Cash and Coaster Coins. You can also earn Coaster Cash by completing offers with our advertising partners.

Coaster Cash

Coaster Cash allows you to purchase special items that are not available for purchase with Coaster Coins. You can also use Coaster Cash to customize your avatar, your employees' avatars, and the themes of your attractions.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rock Riot Introduction

Riot Riot is the coolest application on Facebook for music lovers. Love rocking out to great music? Love playing the guitar? Want to create a band and play with your friends? Create your rocker avatar, get awesome rock clothes and a tricked out guitar, and rock out to your favorite tunes!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cafe World Stove/Counter Cheat

Cheat Engine 5.5

1. Go into Cafe World. Select Firefox as process for Cheat Engine 5.5
2. Go to Customize > Functional > Stoves
3. You should see the line '4 of 4 stoves used' (if your a beginner and followed the tutorial then you have 4)
4. Scan the '4' if you have used 4 stoves total
5. Drag 1 stove from the cafe down into the shop
6. You should now see the line '3 of 4 stoves used'
7. NEXT SCAN '3'
8. Repeat steps 5 to 7 till you have 1-3 addresses left.
9. Now change the value of all the remaining addresses to '1' and CHECK freeze
10. You can now have infinite stoves
11. Do the same for the counters.

Cafe World Speedhack using Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine 5.5

If you want to use the Speedhack of Cheat Engine 5.5, make sure you don't have anything cooking on the stoves or the game won't save. Use 10 or below on Speedhack value so you won't get disconnected.

Speedhack can only be use if you want to sell quickly sell your dishes and get cafe coins quickly. It can also be use to increase your buzz rating faster. Also make sure you have enough space for customers to sit or your buzz rate will go down instead of up. I have about 12 tables and chairs and my cafe layout if the stuck waiter/cook layout(see layout below).

My buzz rating wen't down because i went to sleep when i used the speedhack so reminder to all who wanna use the speedhack. Cook as many dishes as you wan't and get them ready before using the Speedhack.

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